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it's been about a hundred years

it's been forever since i posted here. and this one won't be any better for any reason.
last night i fell asleep at really it was this morning. i went to bed at 11pm. i don't know what is wrong with me. but now i feel sick to my stomach and my head is pounding. i can't do another night like last night.
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wow i'm bored

yup, i got no updates other than i'm doing pretty alright and i'm wearing pink underwear with white pants and it's hot...yeah
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myrlte beach

i went to myrtle beach this weekend, that was amazing...BAM
here are the pictures, in clickable thumbnails because i didn't want to resize them all
on a side note, today i am wearing boxer briefs under pj pants, and i bought burts bee's EVERYTHING...i'm amazing.
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i am's amazing

i'm really tired right now, i got absoultely no sleep the past couple days. i got home from fort mill last night about 11:15ish, where i spent the weekend with zack's family, but not really zack. he was working at harris teeter til 9:30 everynight. oh well, it was still a grand time.
i have a criminal justice test at 11:15, that's going to blow. then i have to write some stupid paper for english class. and i'm sure she'll make me read it aloud cause i missed that on friday.
it's really time for me to start buckling down again, i can't breeze through this college shit like i did in high school. if i don't get the grades i need, i won't be here anymore.
have a grand day
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i'm hacking internet

i'm sitting in my aunt and uncle's living room right now hacking internet. it's a great time. we're have a family reunion because my cousin is heading to kuwait and then to iraq in the end of september. it makes me angry, because he learned mandarin chinese, i don't understand his purpose in the war.
he doesn't really want to go, i feel extremely bad for him. but whatever someone's got to do.
i've been hanging out with small children all day, they jumped up and down on my brother to wake him up this morning. it was really funny. but probably one of those things you had to be there for.
i can't really come up with anything else to say. so i'm gonna go try and convince my mom to find a mall or something. i wonder if they are open on labor day weekend sunday. pshaw. i can't believe it's already six. so nevermind to that.

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more about the dirty dirty

today is the second full weekend i've spent on campus. and it's going i guess. my roomate is being a bitch, for the first time ever. so that's fucking cool. but i'll just hang out with the girls next door and it'll all blow over. if it doesn't i'll sleep on the couch or something.
i have so much homework to do. especially history. i failed my first quiz in that class, but it was a 5 question thing over the reading with our TA, so i'm really not too upset about it. My english professor is unbearable. a)she's chinese, b) she can't speak english c) even if she could she'd still be fucking weird as shit. so yeah. that's the worst class i've ever taken in my entire life. picture kim jong il from team america standing in front of a class of college freshman, trying to teach you about rhetoric. it's fucking ridiculous. ri-god damn-diculous in fact.
at any rate, all i'm doing for the rest of the weekend is homework. we just got back from publix, so that's out of the way. i don't even plan on showering anytime soon. so take that world. i'll be as smelly and stinky as i want to. HATCHA!

k yeah, peace out.
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Golly Gee

Well, I haven't updated in here in about a million years.
I've only been at college a week and already I feel like it's been forever. My roomate/suitemates are friggen cool as hell. we do all sorts of crazy shit.
we almost got arrested at a frat house, and then later found out they like to drug the girls who party there! GREAT NEWS! needless to say, we're not gonna be going back there anytime soon. Although, my roomie is gettin' kinda hot and heavy with a guy named cameron, who actually kind of looks like the one from ferris beuler. cool as hell.
we have a groupie up on the third floor of wade hampton, his name is furman. he is a true gentleman, he opens doors for us, and when i went to best buy with him he even opened my car door for me. oh furmee. he is the national chaplain of the children of the american revolution, so needless to say i'm in love. he's gonna help me join the daughters of the revolution. let's see, he's also going to take me some revolutionary war reenactments this year. I AM SO EXCITED!
i am going to see my mom's family over labor day, i am excited. and then i won't see anyone in my family until christmas. we'll see how that goes. although, darren is planning on visiting me sometime this year. and adam richards said he's going to drive down here in october. we'll see if that actually happens, although knowing him he probably actually will.
i hope school is going well for everyone else who is there, and hope it goes well for everyone who is waiting to go. and to the kids still in high school, live it up.
my aim name is add me bitches...
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i'm here

i've made it to the dirty dirty, with relative ease. it's about a thousand degrees outside and our air conditioner works like a beast. so it's about 45 inside our room...and the entirety of our dorm. i got my computer and printer yesterday, which was an adventure hauling it from the post office, but what can i say. me and the roomie are just pimps like that. sarah is def. really cool, but she's got rush ALL day today, so i don't know what i'm going to do with myself. probably find someone else in the hall and wander about with them.
blake is tfc, which makes me really sad, but whatever. i'm not gonna dwell on it because that's not what i'm here for, atal. i've talked to quite a few people from home, well actually like 5. so call me if you wanna sometime (231.330.3221) same number from home. my classes start on thursday. that's going to be nutso nutso. i have all my books, they only ran me about 650 bucks...lame. i'm not sure what else to talk about. nothing has really gone on yet. my roomie and i are looking for if you know any let us know.
at any rate, i'm gonna go wander the halls and see if anyone is doing anything. or if i missed a memo about something.
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i'm off!!!

in approx. 38 minutes i will be getting in my mother's highlander. driving down the road, probably stopping for coffee, and or forgetting something. then we'll get back in the car, drive down the road some more until we reach traverse city. at which time we will then hope my bags aren't overweight, go through security and then wait for a plane. during which time i will probably blubber like an idiot if i haven't started already. at a suggested time of 10:35 i'll be taking off from traverse city, which will be my last time in northern michigan until december 13th. with that said:

i love you all so much (and i almost just typed ass instead). you have each had an equally dynamic role in my time in charlevoix, and for that i cannot thank you enough. i hope to see as many of you as possible when i come home for christmas. best of luck to all, may all your hopes been seen through to the very end. i go.